Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Art trail

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I am blogging this because I have never done an art trail before. Art Trail around Parkvale School What is the book about on the R of the PRIDE wall?Friendship.

B What birds are on the bottom of the target wall? (This is the back of the PRIDE wall).Pukeko.
C What letters are at South on the sun painted on the concrete? M, N, O.
D What is Maui wearing around his neck in the painting?A tiki.
E How many blackbirds are there in the mural?12.
F What colours are the Pacific Islands design on the painting?Orange, brown, black.
G How has the Parkvale sign outside the school pool been created?Carved.
H What colours are on the Rainbow Fish scales?Red, purple, blue, green, grey, white.
I What is the answer to the number sentence on this mural?2+2=4
J What kind of tree is painted on the hopscotch?Marama & Te cabarage tree
K What letters are green outside Room 4?Uu
L What animal is sitting in the blue umbrella in the painting?Goose
M How many stars are on each piece of sewing art hanging in the office?7
N What bird is on the Pohutukawa Hub logo? Tui
O What animal in on the Manuka Hub logo?Bumble bee
P How many flowers are on the Kowhai Hub logo?  2