Sunday, June 19, 2016


I am learning to read better and write better letters.
I am proud of this because I put my personal best into this letter and I keep on trying even no it was hard.

  1. Write down what you think the main idea is in the last paragraph on page 32.
 Awarded amoeba a special certificate for being the smallest pet.

Dear Mr G
1. If we have a pet day I would bring my wonderful dog because they never run away the will listen and they are all cute they are all rolly and fluffy. They also are kind, Lovely and nice.
We should have a pet day because pets are wonderful and sweet like a lolly they are also nice to cuddle there is 1 more thing that they are awesome because they do what you say and you're the boss of them.
2. Dogs, birds and lot’s of other animals can do what you say and be super cute and fluffy also they can have a party with other friends only dog ones not human.