Thursday, July 27, 2017


Write a story with the title: Edward the bully By Hunta and Camo
The day the bully stopped.

Make sure your story:

  • Has a beginning, middle and end
  • A problem and a solution
  • Some awesome vocabulary

Write your story in the box below.

The Day the bully stopped

I run as fast as i could down the street, I find an alleyway and run into it. Edward ran past, I check to see if he is gone. I feel a hand on my back, I turn around and see Edward, He started throwing punches and I lay down on the ground out cold. I wake up in a dark room and i’m laying on concrete. The light turns on I feel like I have woken up and walked outside and seen the light.

Edward walks in and says “well you've woken up, took long enough” i reply with “What am i doing here, Let me out Please”. Edward pretends he doesn't listen, then he leaves and slams the door. I try to find a way out but i can't then i see a curtain, I go over and open it and there is a big window. I see a clock and check what the time is, The time was 12 PM. I break the window and sprint to my house.

I get home my mum is startled she asks me in a loud voice “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN IT'S MIDNIGHT!” i reply with “i got stuck in a metal fence”. My mum says “How Did you get all those bruises on your face”. I reply with “i ran into a 3 pole’s on my way home”. I wake up and it's the morning i do my morning routine but then i realize Edward is going to get me but i still have to go to school.

I get to school scared of what Edward is going to do to me. I walk into the school gates and i start to think if i should run away but i don't so I Quickly run to class and hang up my bag and run outside to find a place to hide but then i see Edward getting bullied. I walk to the bullies and say “don't bully himd, How would u like getting treated like that”. At first they don't listen but then i say the same thing again. They started to get annoyed so they left him alone. Edward then thanked me so much that we started to be friends and he stopped being a bully. But I always wonder What happened to those bullies. THE END

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