Thursday, July 27, 2017

Lost in the bush

Lost in the bush
The seven men packed some gear like rope, bag filled with clothes that are camouflage so they can hunt.
They are called Steven, Hutson, Franklin, Trevor, John, Bob and rickey baker went out in the bush So off they went they had very little gas and when they were driving they got a flat tyre.

So they went to the gas station to fill up then across the road there was a tyre pit stop so when they put some air in the tyre all of them walked in they shop to pay someone sneaked into their car and put a explosive in the car as they were walking out the car exploded.

Meanwhile they had to walk 200k to get to the bush. That made their legs feel like jelly so all of them had to suck it up. And out of nowhere a hut appeared and there they were setting up to camp to stay there to night, They were feeling happy because they would of had to sleep in the bush.

In the morning they pack up and head off back to the car but Rickey baker had a feeling that they all were going the wrong way he yelled on the tip of his tongue “we’re going the wrong way” In a funny voice.

Then John found a knife on the ground so he picked it up because it might be useful. And Steven was looking around every where then he thought he saw something. He looked closer it was a waka next to a river they could not believe it.       

Hutson, Franklin, Trevor, John, Bob and Rickey baker ran to the boat and the paddled away. Yay wait said rickey baker “There is a waterfall up ahead.” wahoo they somehow survived the downfall.

Then they were going for two minutes crack the boat just snapped in half “nooooo!” So we just made it to shore with the current. Up ahead there was a big cliff so rickey baker pulled out his rope and threw it across the cliff and skillfully connected onto a rock.

So there we were scared, Brave while we were crossing the rope and one by one. We hung below the rope we made it across to the cliff like monkeys hanging onto their mums. We were all dancing as all of them were singing “we are family, even no you're fatter than me” Then they carried on walking down the path.

Dn dn dn dn dn dn dn what is that one of them went to look over the hill ,it was a army one person from the army saw him by the corner of his eye. hey! look captain there is someone on that hill.

Luckey he ducked down before the captain saw him he ran down the hill and tolled the other people it is a army and one of the army people saw me and they're gaining on us let’s run.
They hid in the bush until the army went past then we ran where they were standing and we carried on until we saw a dragon. We thought it was dangerous but one of our men stayed.

They dragon pick him up and then pick up the other people and went away.

That’s the end of my story

Thank You for listening

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