Thursday, July 27, 2017



Intro: Possums are a pest to the world, also if you throw apples where they live they will track it down and stay there.The Australian brushtail possum was introduced into New Zealand in 1837.

Habitat: Brushtail possums are from Australia.Life cycle: A mother possum is only pregnant for 16-18 days before her tiny baby is born. They carry their babies in a pouch too. Possums stays in the pouch drinking the mother’s milk for 4-5 months. When it is too big for her pouch it rides on its mother’s back until it is 7-9 months old. A new brushtail possum is only 1.5cm long and it weighs about 2 kg. Possums can live anywhere that has shelter and food, They can be found all across New Zealand, in areas with high rainfalls.

Diet: Bird eggs,Seeds, Insects and Flowers that is what they like to eat, other possums like to eat vegetables, berries, nuts, fruit, pet food and bird seed. They acquire their food by hunting.

Appearance: They have short sharp nails, sharp teeth and long leathery tails. The most common colors are gray and black. Possums are a pests, if they get a torch shone on them they can’t move because the light is too bright.

Conclusion: They live in other places like New Zealand and Australia.  There pest because they kill the trees and eat birds egg.

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